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How to Quit smoking and drinking

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Finally a book that will make you Quit - PERMANENTLY 

Do you try to quit everyday and fail?

Do you promise yourself:

“I’m not gonna light that cigarette!” 

But end up smoking a whole pack.

“I'll never drink again!” 

But always end up emptying beer pints on weekends.

Have you experienced any of these:

- Short of breath

- Lips feel like dry sandpaper

- Cough, heavy chest

- Indigestion 

- Gas/Constipation 

- Wake up everyday wanting to change

- You see lines deepening under your eyes

- You look 5 years older

If you can relate to the above symptoms, my friend, you need to stop. 

If you have tried – books, nicotine gums, alcoholics groups, rehabs, magic pills and none of them worked. I have something that will not only make you stop smoking/drinking, but heal your body from years of mental stress and abuse.

Once you learn and use methods in this book, you won’t even think about smoking or drinking ever again.

Will these methods work for you?

Look, I’ve suffered like you. I deeply understand the routines and patterns that make you crave a cigarette or a drink.

Parties, social gatherings, work stress, break-ups, fired from a job, losing a loved one, shaky relationships, divorce, or even not being able to take a shit without a cigarette.

I’ve been there.

I've explained in the book how to deal with such situations. So you're covered for that. 

What happens when you QUIT?

1. You’ll look 5 years younger

2. Damaged cells in your body will heal and renew

3. Lungs will get better

4. Liver with heal

5. Sense of smell will come back

6. You'll be able to breathe again

7. Your face will get back its glow

8. You will feel more energetic

9. You’ll run up two flights of stairs under 10 seconds

10. Digestion will get better

11. You'll actually be able to taste that delicious steak

12. No tiredness

13 No stress and anxiety

14. No mind fog

15. More creativity

16. Able to hit deadlines

17. Better sleep

18. Better sex life

19. More stamina

20. No lines under your eyes

21. No chapped lips

22. More cash in the bank

23. Able to enjoy little things in life

24. You will feel like you’re reborn. Fresh and full of life.

And that’s only tip of the iceberg. Let’s not forget about the internal stress. The unbearable pressure to smoke after every two hours. The obligation to drink on social occasions and weekends that kills you from the inside.

All gone. Finally you’ll be able to live a normal human life.

Think about walking up one morning and not craving a cigarette. And spending your weekends meditating on a beach or sipping green tea instead of drinking alcohol.

You’ll smile. Your family will thank you. Your parents will be proud of you. Life will thank you.

I know how hard it can get when you’re trying to quit. And keeping that in mind, the methods in this book are super easy.

This book has:

- No habits

- No routines

- No motivation

- No will power

- No inspiration

This book only teaches you simple practical methods that work.

This book will teach you to understand your mind and cut off the roots of your addiction forever.

Here's what you’ll learn inside this book:


Secret 1: The Law of mind and how it controls your life. And how you can take back control simply by understating it.


Secret 2: Examples that'll explain why you smoke and Methods to overcome feelings, imagination and cravings that make you smoke.


Secret 3: The Alternate Way – Methods with examples to show why you drink. What should you do when you get a craving and finally  4 easy steps to quit drinking for life.


Secret 4: What to do when you quit and Methods to enjoy more life without cigarettes and alcohol. And a list of activities to live a happy and healthy life.

Here are some people who have quit successfully after reading this book:

Your mind won’t run you anymore. 

Your cravings won't make you sick.

You will gain back control over your life.

What's included?

1. Basic : PDF/epub

  • How you mind works and why you smoke?

  • Step by step analysis of all the tricks your mind uses to make you smoke or drink?

  • Method for what to do when you get a strong craving

  • Methods to enjoy a life without cigarettes and alcohol

2. Premium:

Everything above + 60 minutes coaching call 


Is there a refund policy?


You wouldn't need it, but yes.

These methods will make you quit.

But if you're not willing to practice these methods, this is not for you.

Don't buy it.

I've been smoking/drinking for 20 years. Will they work for me?


Doesn't matter if you having been smoking/drinking for 2 years or 20 years.

These methods will make you quit.

Do I need to spend time practicing these methods?


Once you learn them, you can start using them right away.

Make a decision

You've got just one life. Are you going to waste it like this? 

If you quit today, you can experience so much more. 

Don't waste your time, money and health on these temporary pleasures.

It's not worth it.

This book costs nothing compared to your life. 

If you are tired of struggling every day and want to end this mental trauma once and for all.

Get this book my friend and heal yourself.

Choose your package and click on "I want this" button and QUIT TODAY!

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This book will give you Simple Mindful Methods that will make you QUIT Smoking and Drinking for life

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How to Quit smoking and drinking

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